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Stamoulis and Anna, both born in the Greek countryside, left their birthplaces at a very young age and moved to Athens looking for a better future. They met each other while working together in restaurant business and rapidly they decided to collaborate and run their own restaurant. "Stamoulis and Anna Mageirio" was a traditional tavern in Athens for more than forty years. Now, after their retirement, they have  made their biggest dream come true. They always wanted to return to village living and enjoy the wealth of nature.

In 2013 they started a small agritourism farm along with a vegetable garden and livestock, in Romanos Messinia in the heart of vineyards and olive groves. On the same plot, they built three houses and a tavern where all the guests have the opportunity to be part of their family and enjoy Greek country-living at its best. Stamna farm is a family friendly place where you can fully enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, truly rest your body, mind and soul, and live the traditional village life. I, Christos (their son), my wife Elena and our little boy Stamoulis, inheriting and sharing the same passion with the wise grandparents, invite everyone to join us in this great adventure. We promise you, together we will spend memorable moments!