Stamoulis and Anna, coming from the Greek countryside, left their birthplaces at a very young age and moved in Athens looking for a better future. They met each other while working together in restaurant business and in a very short time they decided to collaborate and run their own restaurant. For more than forty years, Stamoulis and Anna Mageirio was a traditional Greek tavern  in Athens and after their retirement, they decided to make their biggest dream come true. They always wanted to return to village living and enjoy the wealth of nature.

In 2013 they started a small farm in Romanos Messinia in the heart of vineyards and olive orchards, including vegetable gardens and animals. In the same plot, they built three houses and a tavern where all the guests have the opportunity to be part of their family and to enjoy Greek country-living at its best. Me Christos-their son , my wife Elena and our little kid Stamoulis, inheriting and sharing the same passion with the wise grandparents, invite everyone to join us in this great experience. We promise you we will spend unforgettable moments together!



Stamnafarm is a place where you can fully enjoy the peace and beauty of nature, truly rest your body, mind and soul, and it simultaneously gives the unique opportunity to grown-ups and kids  to live  a farm life.

 You can have a look at our crops, participate in harvesting and processing their fruits and naturally taste their products. Last but not least , you will meet our domestic animals. you will see us taking care of them and 

having a high regard for your environment 


In our farm we mainly cultivate  local varieties  of Corinthian raisin and grapes such as Roditis that provide us a  Koroneiki variety of olive trees and local varieties of grapes such as Roditis.


Depending the season, you will have the opportunity to taste fresh fruits and vegetables from our garden. We usually plant traditional local seeds from tomatoes, zucchinis, eggplants, peppers, melons, watermelons and corns. If you would like, you will be more than welcome to take care of the plants and participate in the gardening.

Farm without animals doesn't exist. So, be prepared! When you arrive at the farm, our horse Vagia,  with her friends (cats, goats, sheeps, turkeys, chickens) will be there to welcome you!  Keep in mind that during your visit, most likely you will meet some friendly wild animals too. 

Stamnafarm provides a unique opportunity ....



The three new, fully equipped guest houses are surrounded by an old traditional Corinthian black raisin vineyard and olive trees. Each house has an area of 50 sqm and comprises double/twin bedroom, bathroom, comfortable living/ kitchen area and two balconies. Ideally the houses can host two adults or a family with two little kids. In the surrounding area you would probably meet some of the other "habitants" of the farm who are willing to welcome you with their own way!

*The design of the houses in the pictures may be a little different.



Having more than 40 years of experience, Stamoulis and Anna look forward to cooking for you their best plates. The original Greek traditional cuisine has so many delicious recipes and Stamoulis has cooked them using one more secret ingredient. 

All the materials 


Sometimes there are no words to describe the flavor of a food and the only way to feel is to taste it. If you are hungry, don't waste anymore time and come in our tavern for a unique experience.

Please feel free to give us a call, or send us a message, if you want to pre-order your favorite plate or ask about dishes of the day.  



Messinia is a remarkable place with many interesting places to visit. The landscape diversity in combine with the large amount of biodiversity makes it a unique destination which